…”Track one “Dysfunction Junction is a funk journey through the stratosphere with tight, salient bass and drum grooves by both James and drummer Josh Orlando. The bass matches the keyboard’s melody of the tune and takes on charming melodies of its own. This tune features James’ harmonic and melodic approach to soloing as he sings along with horn-like phrasing.”…Valery Amador Bass Musician Magazine

…”A very impressive debut as a leader from Rosocha. His playing is superb, combining great virtuosity and technical ability with a strong melodic sense and an innate sense of groove.”..Iann Mann The Jazz Man

…”A solo debut with twenty years experience behind it, Avalon is a heavy slice of thick, grooving fusion that should be like catnip to fans of Brian Bromberg, Dave Weckl, or Rosocha’s longtime colleague, B.D. Lenz. This top-flight cast is as sharp as the compositions at hand, and it makes for a rocking experience to give any fusion aficionado an exciting ride.”…Geno Thackara..All About Jazz

…”We can definitely consider this debut of James Rosocha as a first step towards the certain framing of a personal and seductive style. Rosocha instrumental skill is out of the question.”…Manuela Avivo- Luca De Pasquale..Bass My Fever

…”After 20 years of being in service to the band and rubbing elbows with the greats, this bass ace decides it’s time to grab his own spotlight and let the rest of the world know what insiders already know. A true jazzbo with chops to spare, he knows how to make snazzy commercial stuff that doesn’t feel commercial and gets a killer groove going with seeming ease.”…Chris Spector…Midwest Record

...James is no stranger in the jazz world, having played for over twenty years and on nine albums with fusion guitarist BD Lenz, but this is his first foray in the lead role, and he absolutely NAILS it… & that’s best demonstrated on my personal favorite of the nine songs offered up… “Harlem River Drive” is totally driven by James’ bass, and is THE best bass-led tune I’ve heard (yet) in 2017…Dick Metcalf Contemporary Fusion Reviews

…The long player’s title cut is a proper showcase for James’ bass virtuosity – it’s essentially a four minute bass solo with just gentle shading from guitarist Audric Jankausklas. The album boasts plenty more bass heavy grooves – but you’d’ expect that. Cuts like ‘Dysfunction Junction’, ‘Turbulence Ahead’ and ‘Harlem River Drive’ meld bass-led jazz, funk and soul but there’s respite too from the bass heavy pieces…Bill Bradley Soul and Jazz and Funk

…When a bassist takes center stage on an album, it’s like watching a delicate balancing act at the circus. How can such an artist make sure s/he’s the main event, and plays the main instrument, without seeming over-the-top? Bass guitars don’t have the range of lead guitars, or (in most cases) the sexiness, the va-va-voom of lead guitars. James Rosocha, veteran of the jazz genre, aims to fix that…Rainey Wetnight Blues Blast Magazine

Although somewhat inappropriate with the rest of the album’s material, “Lost”, written and sung by Dave Haywood , is an excellent singing song, where he portrays an exemplary Rosocha solo with lines that could be recorded for study by any bassist . Steve Kramer Similarly to the jazz waltz “By the Wayside”, the crystal clearness and colorfulness of Steve Kramer ‘s solo is on the acoustic piano…Vangelis Aragiannis Jazz Buzz Magazine

…”Turbulence Ahead” is a ferocious funk fusion piece with sharp, aggressive slap bass against Josh Orlando’s tight, syncopated drum grooves. The piece takes various twist and turns before soaring, doubled melodic lines progress to Audric Jankauskas’ adventurous, blazing synth solo…Jazz Monthly