James Rosocha–Avalon–2017–Independent solo debut
 BD Lenz–Manifesto–2016–Jade Buddha
 BD Lenz–Live in the UK–2016–Jade Buddha
 BD Lenz–Five and Live–2010–Apria Records
 BD Lenz–Hit It and Quit–2009–Apria Records
 BD Lenz–Straight Up–2007–Apria Records
 Sandy Zio–All That I Am–2007–Independent
 BD Lenz–Tomorrow’s Too Late–2005–Apria Records
 BD Lenz–Simple Life–2003–Apria Records
 BD Lenz–Lost and Found–1999–Jade Buddha
 Sauce 1999–Luvsauce Music
 Greg Federico–Purity–1998–Nile Blue Records
 The Saras–No Notice At All–1999–Independent
 BD Lenz–Tell The World–1997–Jade Buddha